Will The Fed Crash The Stock Market In March?

The U.S Fed has announced it will increase rates in March.

And many experts say this could trigger a deep recession… and maybe even a complete economic depression. Will you be affected? If you’re invested in stocks and other paper assets, YES!

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IRS Enrages Blue-Collar Americans with 2022 Rules

The IRS says it is completely overwhelmed for this tax season.

They have surprisingly said that this year they might not be able to give refunds.

Let that sink in!

A year without refunds is a strange event we have never really seen.

Many Americans depend on their yearly tax refunds, and it’s a sign of the economic times that they might not get it this year!

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New Poll Reveals Shocking Numbers of Americans Destroyed by Inflation

According to a new poll from Primerica, 68% of Americans say their income is falling behind the cost of living.

People are getting desperate.

And this week’s stock market correction/collapse will cause a lot of retirement accounts to take a hit.

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Inflation Reaches 25% In Some Places

The popular American store chain “Dollar Tree” was recently forced to boost all its prices to $1.25 instead of the brand-specific $1.00.

Why did they do this? Inflation forced their hand.

It doesn’t sound too bad at first, but when you realize this is a 25% increase in prices among ALL the products in the store… you start to see how bad things really are.

But not everyone is suffering.

Some investors are buying good real estate properties for 50% less than they’re worth!

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