All Zillow Real Estate Transactions Halted Until 2022

Thankfully, the most profitable real estate deals are still available if you know where to look.

The popular real estate platform, Zillow, has announced it will pause all home purchases until 2022.

The service in question is called “Zillow Offers” in which the company buys homes directly from sellers.

One company executive said the change was due to a “backlog of inventory.”

This goes to show that very smart billionaires, like the people who own Zillow, understand that buying real estate is the smartest move you can make right now!

They’ve bought so much they can’t even process what they have.

Fortunately for investors, Zillow does not have a complete monopoly on real estate!

You can use the instructions on this website to find and buy discounted (up to 50%) properties.

That is something worth jumping on ASAP.

Because for every discounted property you snow-ball your money into, your retirement will get years closer… and much more comfortable.

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Bank of America Sends Investors Into a Frenzy

They know the stock market is slowly collapsing, but real estate investing on the other hand is getting even easier.

Bank of America has sent stock market investors into a frenzy with an announcement recently.

They say their long-term model to predict S&P 500 returns has gone negative for the first time since 1999.

“Price-to-normalized earnings has a very strong relationship to subsequent S&P 500 returns over the long haul,” BofA analysts, led by Savita Subramanian, said recently.

“The S&P 500’s current trailing normalized PE ratio suggests a 10-year, annual 12-month price return of negative 0.5%, representing the first negative returns since the tech bubble.”

And BoA is not alone in predicting a fall in stocks. Many other analysts are warning investors that the bull market is coming to an end.

How should you prepare? By finding amazing real estate deals in your area using this simple trick.

Real estate at “normal market values” is hands-down better than stocks… but at this incredible 50 % discounted prices… it can be truly life-changing and you will be immune to any possible stock collapse!

JPMorgan Makes A Huge Bitcoin Announcement

The JPMorgan CEO knows what’s going on… and so do investors who are claiming these deals hand over fist.

The CEO of JPMorgan has said that Bitcoin could be worthless.

During a meeting this week with high-level banking insiders, he revealed he doesn’t trust the claim that Bitcoin is limited at 21 million coins.

This is something I happen to agree with.

Crypto fans like to pretend that Bitcoin is scarce and therefore valuable.

But if enough Bitcoin miners agree to the idea, this 21 million coin limit CAN be raised!

So no, it’s NOT limited.

If you want a limited and in-demand asset that can give you regular income and big paydays… then this is what you want.

Bitcoin and other cryptos might work out in the end, but for now, they are as risky (if not more) than the U.S. Dollar!

Best to stay with the absolute number one investment for intelligent investors.

Bitcoin’s New Fund Is Driving Investors Crazy

Bitcoin has nothing on this little gem of an investment… Why? Because it is far more dependable

Last week a ProShares ETF that is connected to Bitcoin futures has started accepting orders.

“The ETF presents a disruption to what is available in the marketplace today,” said Karan Sood, a financial advisor from Virginia. “That’s what investors are excited about.”

One analyst predicted that Bitcoin could go over $100k because of this new fund. To me, and many others, this screams “irrational exuberance.”

Sure, you could make a lot from Bitcoin. But what about guaranteed returns?

In other words, can you sleep soundly knowing when you wake up your balance won’t be 20% of what it was the night before?

From my experience, the ONLY investment that can give you that kind of dependability, plus a very large upside potential is this overlooked investment.


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