Experts are now warning that greater inflation could in fact hurt the almighty Bitcoin just as much as stocks!

It’s a shame because I do want cryptocurrency to succeed.

Any competition to the inflated dollar is a great thing.

But the best competition is right – as was the case for hundreds of years – is owning and holding real estate!

For example, by finding and buying tax lien deals like this, you get a lot more than just protection from inflation…

Tax liens are:

  • Easy to do from home
  • Require credit needed
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Will Real Estate Crash In 2022?

Experts are predicting this year will be bad for real estate:

“Home sales are likely to be slightly lower in 2022 from the anticipated rise in mortgage rates. Home prices, meanwhile, will continue to rise due to the ongoing housing shortage even as demand is clipped a bit,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist with the National Association of Realtors.

I’m not worried about this.


Because I know my properties (bought through bargain-priced tax liens) will STILL be worth MUCH MORE than what I paid for them.

Tax liens are great for that.

Surviving in ANY economy, down or up.

But even better:

  • You can do them from home
  • There’s NO credit needed
  • You can start with under $1,000
  • You get a guaranteed 16% interest payment
  • You can a good quality home for a 50% discount (or higher).

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China’s Real Estate Shows Signs of Crashing – Will It Affect Us?

The Chinese real estate developer known as Evergrande has been suspended from trading pending the publishing of “inside information.”

The announcement was made by the deeply in debt property developer earlier this week.

What’s going to happen? And will it affect American real estate?

Nobody knows for sure. But given how intertwined the global markets are, it would not be unthinkable that we experience some fallout.

Now, does this mean you should cash out and rush into Bitcoin?

No! Real estate is far more secure and if you know where to find tax lien deals, it can be just as profitable as cryptocurrency.

Insiders Predict Incoming Stock Collapse to Rival 1920s

Investors and insiders are now talking about the collapse of the technology bubble.

They say when it pops, the only thing left standing will be hard assets.

Stuff like gold, silver, and of course real estate.

These are the assets that will survive in almost any financial climate.

But of these three… ONLY real estate will EARN you money.

Even better, with real estate tax liens, you get a guaranteed 16% interest payment…

AND the possibility of buying a good quality home for a 50% discount (or higher).

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Inflation in Turkey has skyrocketed to a horrifying 36.1% according to new reports.

This is a catastrophic economic event! And if it ever happens in America, you better believe the markets will collapse.

How can you protect your savings while also earning a profit? The answer is simple. Find and purchase incredible tax lien deals such as this.

With tax liens you get the best of all worlds:

  • Easy to do from home
  • No credit needed
  • You can get started with under $1,000
  • Gives you a guaranteed 16% interest payment
  • Offers the possibility of buying a good quality home for a 50% discount (or higher).

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The Retirement Crisis We Can’t Avoid

Only some smart savers will survive the crash.

There’s an incoming retirement crisis in America and pretty much everyone, left or right, are now admitting it.

  • The boom-bust cycle is now gone and replaced by exploding government spending
  • Pension funds across the nation are verging on bankruptcy.
  • Inflation threatens to erode what little savings Americans have stashed away.

Even if you’re decades away from retirement, you need to prepare now.


By investing in something that has stood the test of time… and created more millionaires than anything else. This is the best way to survive the coming storm!

Biden Makes a Historic Mistake on Inflation

The people earning 16% ROI right now are not worried about this.

A top economist has come out and said the Biden White House made a historically terrible move on inflation.

“So, the Fed must quickly, starting this week, regain control of the inflation narrative and regain its own credibility,” he added. “Otherwise, it will become a driver of higher inflation expectations that feed onto themselves.”

What he is saying is that inflation news will cause people to panic-buy, which will lead to even higher prices. There is only one way to protect yourself from this possibility.

Start making more money! Especially in hard assets like real estate.

You could use this website to find tax lien deals in your spare time.

Just ONE of these properties could make you very financially comfortable.

I started years ago, now I own hundreds of properties. And I couldn’t have done this in the “traditional” way since I had bad credit when I started.

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How to Prepare for Food Price Increases Coming In 2022

While some panic, others are preparing to make big money by following this simple real estate strategy.

The CEO of General Mills, the top American food producer, has announced that his company will raise prices by around 20% next year.

My jaw dropped when I heard that number!

Next year is going to be painful for people who haven’t prepared. No, I’m not talking about “doomsday prepping” …

I mean putting more money into your pocket than inflation is taking out.

The best way to do this is with real estate.

Especially when you find rock-bottom deals using this technique.

Because real estate is the only investment that provides:

  • Stability
  • Income
  • Growth

There’s a reason that large hedge funds are going on a nationwide buying spree right now!

Normal investors can join the gold rush if they know where to look on the internet… and best of all, they can do this without good credit or big pockets.


Proof Inflation in 2022 Will Be Devastating

Investors are growing anxious after a major food company has hinted at incoming inflation.

The CEO of the company that makes Oreo Cookies, Mondelez, has said that prices will rise 7% next year.

This is a huge deal since inflation is already through the roof. And it proves you need to prepare now to protect your hard-earned money!

Should you buy Bitcoin?… What about gold?…

Gold is a maybe. And I’m unsure about Bitcoin.

So what is the best option?…

The ONE investment that can grow (like Bitcoin) and protect your savings (like gold) … would be tax lien deals like this.

Just one of these deals can get you a hard-asset that has a great chance of going much higher in the long-term.

And even better, some of these deals give you incredible 50% or more discounts on these properties.

That means the possibility of high short-term profits too!

This is why there is no better investment opportunity than tax liens, if you do them right.

2022 Real Estate Predictions

Where is real estate going in 2022?

Yahoo news just published the predictions of many experts about this question.

And I am proud to say that I don’t care whether it goes up or down.

Since most of my properties were bought using tax lien deals like this, I know I will make money no matter what.

Whether that is because of the incredible discounts I get when I buy real estate using tax liens… or from the 16% government-guaranteed interest I make… either way I win.

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New Enraging Laws Aimed At Real Estate Investors

New local laws are being passed nationwide to make evictions harder on landlords.

In fact, evictions are only about 60% of their pre-pandemic levels because of various rent control measures.

How can real estate investors deal with this trend?

By ensuring you buy your properties for under-market prices, you can give yourself an advantage over ALL other real estate investors.

It’s even possible to get a 50% discount on a home if you know where to look.

And if you’re really smart, you can earn a guaranteed 16% interest payment while you wait for such a deal!

Elon Musk Disaster Reveals Why Retirees Need New Options

Elon’s portfolio proves that some investments will always beat stocks.

Elon Musk has lost $50 billion so far this week after his company Tesla continued to fall for the second day.

That’s a lot of money to lose in 48 hours! Sure, it won’t affect him because he is so wealthy.

But wild swings in the stock market could seriously hurt someone on the verge of retirement. It’s sad because there are better investments out there!

For example, this investment is much more stable than stocks. And most investors don’t know it even exists!

Just look at what you get:

  • A government guaranteed 16% ROI
  • The chance to buy a good-condition home for a 50% discounted price (or more).
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Then you can start moving your money away from dangerous stocks and into this hard-asset opportunity.

Millions Of Retirees See Their Dreams Destroyed

Inflation is quickly ruining retirement dreams all over the country … but some have a strategy to fight back…

CNBC has published an article about something they call the “unretiring.”

This is all about Americans being forced out of retirement to make ends meet.

People who worked their whole lives only to have inflation destroy their hopes and dreams at the last second.

Don’t let this happen to you! Learn how to buy tax liens over the internet.

With these deals, you can get a 50% discount on great properties. You can then sell or rent them for your choice of income or a big lump sum payday.

Tax liens work regardless of your credit score, your startup capital, or your experience level.

All you need is someone to show you, in step-by-step detail, how to do one of these deals.

And once you understand how it’s done … you can snowball your profits into more and more deals … and retire permanently on your own terms!

Washington Launches All-Out War Against Retirement Accounts

Lawmakers have big plans for your money in 2022, here’s how to fight back…

With the new “Build Back Better” law, starting in 2022, some Roth conversions will be banned. This is only the start of Washington’s war against retirement accounts.

What this proves is that your retirement is only safe if you have complete control over it.

Real estate tax liens bought for pennies on the dollar give you this, plus a lot more.

These incredible deals provide wealth stability and a guaranteed return on your money (16% or more).

Elon understands that only smart investors will earn enough to offset these taxes.

Washington has made another jaw-dropping move to change America’s economic system forever. Officials said recently they are discussing new taxes on unrealized capital gains.

Let that sink in! Taxes on profits you haven’t even made yet. (This new law will also without a doubt apply to Bitcoin eventually).

People are pissed. Including Elon Musk, who tweeted:

“Eventually, they run out of other people's money and then they come for you.”

So, the question becomes, what can investors do to protect themselves? By doing as many online tax lien deals as possible…

This is how you grow your wealth on your terms! You decide how much you make, and you decide what tax liability is at year’s end. It’s the perfect path to financial freedom because it relies on the government’s greed as a starting point.

Washington Makes A Sneaky Overnight Tax “Adjustment”

No matter what Washington does with taxes, some investments keep getting better…

Washington is gearing up for a major tax move that's causing anger among both parties.

The plan is to eliminate the $10k limit on state RE tax deductions for federal taxes.

This limit was put into place by Trump and many people say it was done to “target wealthy Democrats” since Blue states commonly have high property taxes.

The smart investors respond to this with one simple question: Can you avoid property taxes all together? If you follow this tax lien investing guide, you can.

Earn as much as 16% interest on your money without paying anything in property taxes.

The “Cashback Loophole” To Avoid the Highest Tax Rate Ever

If the public knew about this cashback program, the line would be much longer…

Biden's Build Back Better agenda will increase the average tax rate on personal income to the highest level among developed countries.


What can you do to prepare? Can you prepare?

Of course!

By partnering with the government using this little-known investment strategy, you can earn a guaranteed 16% return on your money.

Think of it like “government cashback” for smart investors.

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