Short selling is a trading strategy that shortens the lifespan of an asset in order to profit from the difference between its purchase price and resale. Shorting has been around since stock exchanges were created, but it became especially popular during the Great Recession. 

The short selling market has historically been dominated by hedge funds and other large institutional investors who are able to borrow shares at low rates to sell short while waiting for their investment time frame to expire. However, with the recession came a steep decline in home values nationwide which left many homeowners underwater on their mortgages; they owe more than what their homes are worth! This drastic change in financial situation led many Americans into short sales so they could get out from underneath this burden before it was too late.

The short sale market has been around for a long time, but the recent recession brought short sales back into prominence. With many homeowners struggling to make their mortgage payments, lenders saw short sales as an opportunity to recoup some of the losses they were taking on bad loans. The short-sale process is similar in most ways to a foreclosure.

Short selling is a process that many homeowners use to avoid foreclosure. It can be fraught with difficulties, but short sale benefits are worth the trouble. The short-selling process starts when a homeowner sells their home for less than they owe on it to an investor who will then take over the mortgage payments. This causes the homeowner's credit rating to suffer – but not as badly as if they just walked away from their property and let it go into foreclosure. For this reason, short sales are sometimes preferable over foreclosures during tough economic times like today's recession.

If you’ve been short on mortgage payments for a while and have little hope of putting your house back in order, short selling may be the best option. It can be an arduous process, but it doesn’t have to be as bad as foreclosure. Short selling is less likely to hurt your credit score than foreclosure because lenders need to approve the sale before completing it. This gives homeowners time to make up their minds and do some research before making any commitments.

There are many different reasons short selling can be a good option for homeowners. First, short-selling is usually less time consuming and more efficient than foreclosure proceedings.  Second, short-selling can help maintain the homeowner’s credit score, whereas foreclosures have been known to ruin them due to the negative history of being late on mortgage payments. Finally, short-selling will not result in any tax liability like foreclosure does.

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Bloomberg Says Housing Demand Is Sky-High

Their solution to the crisis is nothing compared to this investment strategy Bloomberg is supporting the idea that real estate prices won’t return to normal without legal changes in zone rules and land use.

This is their reaction to the now obvious crisis…America’s housing supply and demand balance are out of control. In other words, there are not enough homes to go around. And this is actually a good thing, for some people. Because by buying real estate using this technique, you can save as much as 50% off the normal price.

Then, all you have to do is turn around and sell for a massive paycheck… or set in for monthly income by renting your new asset out. It really is the only way to turn this housing disaster into your own very lucrative online investing “hobby.”

July is When It Begins

As America prepares to celebrate July 4th… you could be cashing out a life-changing property deal like this, if you pay attention. Some lenders are announcing they will restart foreclosures in July. This will affect homes nationwide and essentially means that: July will be huge for real estate investors!

This includes tax lien investors. Because foreclosures will lead to more people looking for a new place to live and that means higher prices. By following my guide here, you can find and purchase tax lien properties for shockingly low prices. This gives you either:

  • 16% guaranteed interest or…
  • ownership of the home for over 50% off.

Which can then be flipped right into the red-hot market. Imagine doing just ONE of these deals and paying for your kid’s college… topping off your retirement fund…or splurging on your favorite expensive hobby.

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May Market Watch

Here's a recap of our May Marketplace Pro Market Watch! As you already know, we can find a lot of great deals using our Marketplace Pro technology. Jay looked at inventory in Mobile Alabama. Alabama is a big down interest state. Almost 5000 parcels going up for sale both commercial and residential. Jay also looked at commercial inventory in Pensacola, Florida with an opening bid of $49,000. Finally, Jay looks at Broward County in Florida with 23,000 parcels going up for auction!

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In May and June Florida Ramps Up Tax Lien Certificate Sales…Arizona Tax Liens Coming!

In the last few weeks about 50,000 properties have been added to Marketplace Pro that are going up for lien sales. Florida counties have already released their advertising lists. Several counties in Florida have changed their bidding rules. Do you know what counties are now considered single bidder? Do you know the registration and deposit deadlines?

Arizona's tax lien sale season is quickly approaching. Make sure you are properly prepared and ready to complete your due diligence with Marketplace Pro. Find out which counties changed their auction method. Are your core counties Live or Online auctions this year? Our clients can access full, normalized tax lien certificate data sets on a county-by-county or state-by-state basis. They are available directly with the Marketplace Pro software, which offers advanced filters and fully integrated, multi-platform mapping.

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