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I will begin by saying thank you Erin Mwamba for a great and exciting journey into becoming a tax lien investor. I appreciate the step by step directions to evaluate and purchase tax liens. I will keep in touch to let you know of my successes as I rely on your mentorship going forward. Thank you and United Tax Liens.

Bobby H.

The best review I can give:

We purchased our first investment property within two months of completing this program and will make a profit that will more than cover the cost of the training. My wife and I invested in Untied Tax Liens' real estate investment training and it was worth every penny. Derek H, our coach, is a incredible combination of teacher and subject matter expert. He has decades of experience in all facets of real estate investing and the patience and skill of a seasoned teacher. He is masterful at walking newbies, like my wife and I, through the real estate investing process from finding, assessing (through the lens of exit strategy (i.e. flip, hold, etc.)), and buying an investment property, to rehab and sale. Every step in the process was explained in an easily comprehensible way, in detail, and with examples and exercises. When you invest in this training, and I cannot recommend United Tax Liens highly enough, make sure you insist Derek H be your coach.

Michael T.

They really want you to succeed.

United Tax Lien is a great way to be introduced into the real estate market. The materials are easy to understand, yet comprehensive. The mentors really help to answer questions you may have. You have access to housing inventory all across the country at your fingertips. United Tax Lien offers so much in the form of valuable websites, help hotlines, and mentors. They really want you to succeed. I am so excited about everything I’m learning and how this knowledge and hands on help will change my family’s future!

Sharisee D.


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Get training that shows you exactly what you need to do to get started with Tax Lien investing
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Let our trained coaches help you get started now. Our team is a group of hand selected investors that are active Tax Lien and Deed investors.

Our team is here to help you succeed

Our team is a group of hand-selected investors that are active Tax Lien and Deed investors. With decades of experience, they will show you how to skip the learning curve and get profitable faster than you could on your own.

Client Success Stories

How Our Team Helped Them Achieve Their Goals

Client Success Stories

How Our Team Helped Them Achieve Their Goals

Client Success Stories

How Our Team Helped Them Achieve Their Goals

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