Chinese Real Estate Teeters on Catastrophe

This shouldn’t scare American real estate investors, especially the smart ones who focus on these deals.

There are increasing signs of stress in the Chinese property market after one developer did not make its bond payment this Tuesday.

Will this problem affect America? The truth is, nobody knows for sure.

China is long overdue for some sort of correction. And the Chinese communist government isn’t exactly known for being honest.

We know… and what will always be true… is that buying properties cheap is a guaranteed way to make more money than anyone else.

Have you ever wanted to quickly double your money without even leaving home?

…because that is what happens when you can get properties for 50% discounts using government-supported tax liens.

And even better…

If things do get rough here in America, the number of tax liens available will INCREASE.

Meaning the worse it gets, the better it will be for investors who know to do this.

Prices Went Up By 5.4% Last Month

Inflation numbers are through the roof… but some investors are entirely immune to this trend.

Recently it was announced that prices went up by 5.4 percent last month.

This is on top of the damage from by the national “worker shortage.” Not to mention the incredible supply-chain problems being experienced all over the world.

With all of the chaos happening… is there a way to protect your income and even grow it too?

Of course there is. I’ve been doing it for close to a decade.

It’s called tax lien investing.

And by following my step-by-step blueprint here, you can do it too.

There is no better way to guard your wealth than using government-guaranteed 16% interest to destroy any inflation…

…and the ability to purchase homes for over 50% discounted prices.

With tax liens, you are getting the best of both worlds. Protection for your wealth AND growth. All from ONE investment.

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Washington Plans To Monitor Your Every Financial Move

For smart investors, this Washington plan will only lead to more incredible deals like this!

Washington has taken another shocking step toward an absolute economic takeover.

They now want your bank to report your every financial move! Or at least any deposit or withdrawal that is more than $600.

The idea is to catch “tax cheats” by watching everyone’s activity.

When it comes to getting their taxes, the government will stop at nothing. And this proves it.

But it also proves that tax lien investing is a dependable income strategy.

The government will always get their money, and that means there will always be a steady flow of tax-defaulted properties.

And with huge discounts on amazing properties, this is by far the most overlooked investing technique out there.

As I said, this strategy works right now. All it takes is following the instructions in this course.

Facebook Nearly Triggers an Economic Meltdown

Investors have been hit with a bucket of cold water after one of the top technology companies almost collapsed. Facebook had a six-hour outage last week. This caused its shares to have the worst day in almost a year, decreasing by 4.9%.

That might not seem like a lot, but it is enough to do terrible damage in this fear-filled market.

I don’t understand why stock investors put up with this kind of uncertainty. Not when there are so much better options out there…

…by investing in tax lien real estate using this process, you can purchase incredible homes for up to 50% discounted prices.

And you can do this without being dependent upon the computer skills of tech workers in some far-away silicon valley.

Better than that…

Tax lien investing gives you a repeatable process you can use over and over to build your wealth on your terms.

This is absolute independence and freedom.

No Facebook needed!

The most well-connected investors know not to trust these guys … instead they know to buy low and sell high using techniques like this.

Janet Yellen has warned Washington and Wall Street that a “failure to increase the debt ceiling could cause an economic catastrophe.”

In fact, she used the words: “historic financial crisis.”

I’m glad that our leaders are finally admitting we are in terrible shape as a country. But what’s the next step for them? Coming clean about the situation is not enough. There must be action to lower the debt! Of course, they have known this for years and done nothing.

So why don’t you stop waiting on Washington and start building your OWN personal economy by investing in deep-discounted real estate like this?

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A Government Shutdown Is Days Away

Stock investors fear Washington, but these investors continue making care-free profits…

Americans are bracing for the worst as Democrats and Republicans tempt fate with a government shutdown. A shutdown could do devastating things to our economy. Hell, the sudden unemployment of 2.1 million federal employees alone could do it. And judging from the stock market, investors are freaking out over it.

I’m not worried about it myself because I know my tax lien investing strategy will work no matter what. In fact, my process works even better in down economies because that’s when the best properties flood into the market.

Imagine buying homes like this for up to a 50%-70% discount simply because the owner didn’t pay his taxes.

But you don’t have to wait.

As I said, this strategy works right now. All it takes is following the instructions in this course.

Why Are Lehman Brothers Doing This?

When some investors lose … others will rake in some jaw-dropping returns…

China real estate giant “Evergrande” has lost the confidence of bondholders who don’t believe it can pay its obligations. Worried investors in America are fretting over how this crash looks like the collapse of Lehman Brothers from 2008.

Meanwhile, smart investors are sitting back rubbing their hands together, waiting for their opportunity to scoop up incredible deals.

But you don’t have to wait for these kinds of deals.

For ten years now, I have bought heavily discounted properties (50%-70% cheaper than the real value of the home). And I have done this in every type of economy you can imagine!

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Social Security Will Be Bankrupt On This Date (soon)

Social security is not needed if you invest in something far more reliable and profitable (not to mention more fun!) An annual government report has revealed that Social Security will run out one year earlier than previously expected.

The new time frame for this disastrous bankruptcy?

… 12 years away!

This will destroy a lot of retired Americans and many who have yet to retire. But you can prevent this from ruining your plans for your golden years… if you start preparing today.

Instead of relying on the government to survive … take this opportunity to learn how to buy single family homes for incredible discounts (as much as 50%). Doing this gives you the ability to do more than just control your own retirement. A portfolio of these properties can give you the life you have always wanted.

I know, because this is exactly what I did for myself. And now I want to show you how to do it too!

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September Changed Real Estate Forever

All of the smart investors are taking advantage of the real estate investment explosion. Will you get on board before the opportunities dry up?

September created an avalanche of evictions, foreclosures and tax liens. Why? Because this is when unemployment and the eviction moratorium are scheduled to end for millions of Americans.

Millions of properties will flood the market within months from now, where top hedge funds will scoop them up to earn a killing.

Is there a way for the “little guy” to compete? Sure there is, if you know where to look and what to look for. The tax lien market is by far the best place for normal people to buy discounted homes.

These are dependable assets that are priced at 50% below their real value, simply due to the government’s impatience with getting paid. And after this month, I am waiting for a surge of deals to come through, any one of which could net me $30k, $40k, or more.

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Terrible Economic Numbers Prove The Unthinkable

The most secure investment is the one with the best history of holding its value (and I’m not talking about Gold!)

The American Jobs Report was a complete and utter disaster!

Economists expected there would be 720,000 jobs added to the economy, instead there were only 235,000!

What does this mean for the American economy?… It means everything is slowing down, maybe even crashing. And what about us real estate investors? Is there anyway to make a killing while other people struggle? Sure there is.

They’re called tax liens!

These investments allow you to buy homes for huge discounts (of up to 50% or more), so you can lock-in your profit when you purchase, instead of when you sell! Even better … the government guarantees you get your money back PLUS a 16% interest.

There’s no better investment possible. Trust me, I looked for years, and this is what I ended up focusing on for almost a decade now.

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Top Investor Makes A Sky-High Speculation

Instead of investing in her funds, put your money into what MY experience has proven to be the most profitable and secure investment possible. Closely watched and emulated investor, Cathie Wood, has predicted something really bizarre.

She says:

“So many people ask me, are we in a bubble? We couldn't be further from it. I do not believe that investors, the average investor, shall I say, understand how provocative these next five to 15 years are going to be as these S curves feed one another and enter exponential growth trajectories that we have never seen before.”

This sounds like something I would expect from a die-hard Bitcoin fan… but coming from a professional stock investor, it is beyond strange. Essentially every economist has reported that historical price to earnings ratios have never been higher.

In other words, we are in a stock valuation bubble!

I can’t say for sure how it will turn out. I only know that I DON’T want my hard-earned money to be experimented on by these Wall Street elites. Which is why I put almost all of it into incredibly profitable tax lien property deals like this one.

With these sorts of investments, I get guaranteed 16% interest from the government as I sit back and wait for the opportunity to buy a property for up to a 50% or more off the normal “retail” price.

The tax lien world is in a league of its own when it comes to exploding your net worth in a very short period of time!

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Cryptocurrencies were down 2 weeks ago as declining volume points to a pullback.

What is a pullback?

It’s when most investors move together like a herd to sell their stocks, or in this case, Bitcoin. It happens every so often, mostly (IMO), for emotional reasons. And it’s something you will never see in the world of real estate.

We don’t watch each other and immediately sell our house because another investor sold his house.

That would be insane.

This is just one of the many reasons why real estate has stayed very stable compared to the stock market over the past 20, 30 even 50 years. The only thing that’s left to make it the ultimate investment strategy is high profit. And that can be achieved by using tax liens.

With these formerly hidden tools, you can buy properties for 50% under their true value.

Once you do that, you will have stability PLUS profits that even a booming wall street would have a hard time matching.

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Bitcoin Bulls Predict Something Big Is Approaching

Bitcoin has reached an exciting $50k a few weeks ago.

This was the first time since May that it has reached this number, as the cryptocurrency struggles to recover from its downfall three months ago.

The bulls were predicting this is “only the beginning.” But I beg to differ!

It’s this kind yo-yoing which is exactly why I don’t see Bitcoin as a smart investing strategy.
It might be better than the U.S. dollar when it comes to long-term value preservation… but it can’t hold a candle to real estate! By buying a single-family home for as much as 50% below its real value, you can easily beat all other investments!

You will not only gain from the expanding real estate market… but your built-in profits won’t disappoint when you want to cash out! Imagine getting a 10-, 30-, or 50-thousand-dollar paycheck… just for one small deal you found using online websites available to anyone.
That’s something that Bitcoin can never guarantee.

Trump Breaks People’s Hearts About Bitcoin

Former President Trump has made a shocking announcement about cryptocurrency. He says that putting your money into Bitcoin is “potentially a disaster waiting to happen.”

No matter what you think about Donald Trump, he is making a very good point here. One I have agreed with many times. Cryptocurrency cannot protect your money the same way that real estate can.

And while real estate can’t give you the thousands of percent ROI within weeks or months… it also won’t evaporate your wealth overnight like cryptos can. To get the most out of your money and do it safely, I recommend you learn how to find and buy tax lien properties.

This is the best “middle ground” between cryptocurrencies and traditional real estate investing.

You get either a guaranteed 16% return (interest payments from the owner) or ownership of a property for up to a 50% discount. Making it the best hidden gem investment that most people don’t know about!

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