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Bitcoin Won’t Be Immune To the Coming Crash

Bitcoin Won’t Be Immune To the Coming Crash

Experts are now warning that greater inflation could in fact hurt the almighty Bitcoin just as much as stocks!

It’s a shame because I do want cryptocurrency to succeed.

Any competition to the inflated dollar is a great thing.

But the best competition is right – as was the case for hundreds of years – is owning and holding real estate!

For example, by finding and buying tax lien deals like this, you get a lot more than just protection from inflation…

Tax liens are:

  • Easy to do from home
  • Require credit needed
  • You can start with under $1,000
  • Give you a guaranteed 16% interest payment
  • Allow you to buy a good quality home for a 50% discount (or higher).

Will Real Estate Crash In 2022?

Experts are predicting this year will be bad for real estate:

“Home sales are likely to be slightly lower in 2022 from the anticipated rise in mortgage rates. Home prices, meanwhile, will continue to rise due to the ongoing housing shortage even as demand is clipped a bit,” said Lawrence Yun, chief economist with the National Association of Realtors.

I’m not worried about this.


Because I know my properties (bought through bargain-priced tax liens) will STILL be worth MUCH MORE than what I paid for them.

Tax liens are great for that.

Surviving in ANY economy, down or up.

But even better:

  • You can do them from home
  • There’s NO credit needed
  • You can start with under $1,000
  • You get a guaranteed 16% interest payment
  • You can a good quality home for a 50% discount (or higher).

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China’s Real Estate Shows Signs of Crashing – Will It Affect Us?

The Chinese real estate developer known as Evergrande has been suspended from trading pending the publishing of “inside information.”

The announcement was made by the deeply in debt property developer earlier this week.

What’s going to happen? And will it affect American real estate?

Nobody knows for sure. But given how intertwined the global markets are, it would not be unthinkable that we experience some fallout.

Now, does this mean you should cash out and rush into Bitcoin?

No! Real estate is far more secure and if you know where to find tax lien deals, it can be just as profitable as cryptocurrency.

Insiders Predict Incoming Stock Collapse to Rival 1920s

Investors and insiders are now talking about the collapse of the technology bubble.

They say when it pops, the only thing left standing will be hard assets.

Stuff like gold, silver, and of course real estate.

These are the assets that will survive in almost any financial climate.

But of these three… ONLY real estate will EARN you money.

Even better, with real estate tax liens, you get a guaranteed 16% interest payment…

AND the possibility of buying a good quality home for a 50% discount (or higher).

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