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Is Big Tech Spying On You?

Is Big Tech Spying On You?
Washington Plans To Monitor Your Every Financial Move

For smart investors, this Washington plan will only lead to more incredible deals like this!

Washington has taken another shocking step toward an absolute economic takeover.

They now want your bank to report your every financial move! Or at least any deposit or withdrawal that is more than $600.

The idea is to catch “tax cheats” by watching everyone’s activity.

When it comes to getting their taxes, the government will stop at nothing. And this proves it.

But it also proves that tax lien investing is a dependable income strategy.

The government will always get their money, and that means there will always be a steady flow of tax-defaulted properties.

And with huge discounts on amazing properties, this is by far the most overlooked investing technique out there.

As I said, this strategy works right now. All it takes is following the instructions in this course.

Facebook Nearly Triggers an Economic Meltdown

Investors have been hit with a bucket of cold water after one of the top technology companies almost collapsed. Facebook had a six-hour outage last week. This caused its shares to have the worst day in almost a year, decreasing by 4.9%.

That might not seem like a lot, but it is enough to do terrible damage in this fear-filled market.

I don’t understand why stock investors put up with this kind of uncertainty. Not when there are so much better options out there…

…by investing in tax lien real estate using this process, you can purchase incredible homes for up to 50% discounted prices.

And you can do this without being dependent upon the computer skills of tech workers in some far-away silicon valley.

Better than that…

Tax lien investing gives you a repeatable process you can use over and over to build your wealth on your terms.

This is absolute independence and freedom.

No Facebook needed!

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