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A Historic Financial Crisis Is Approaching

A Historic Financial Crisis Is Approaching

The most well-connected investors know not to trust these guys … instead they know to buy low and sell high using techniques like this.

Janet Yellen has warned Washington and Wall Street that a “failure to increase the debt ceiling could cause an economic catastrophe.”

In fact, she used the words: “historic financial crisis.”

I’m glad that our leaders are finally admitting we are in terrible shape as a country. But what’s the next step for them? Coming clean about the situation is not enough. There must be action to lower the debt! Of course, they have known this for years and done nothing.

So why don’t you stop waiting on Washington and start building your OWN personal economy by investing in deep-discounted real estate like this?

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A Government Shutdown Is Days Away

Stock investors fear Washington, but these investors continue making care-free profits…

Americans are bracing for the worst as Democrats and Republicans tempt fate with a government shutdown. A shutdown could do devastating things to our economy. Hell, the sudden unemployment of 2.1 million federal employees alone could do it. And judging from the stock market, investors are freaking out over it.

I’m not worried about it myself because I know my tax lien investing strategy will work no matter what. In fact, my process works even better in down economies because that’s when the best properties flood into the market.

Imagine buying homes like this for up to a 50%-70% discount simply because the owner didn’t pay his taxes.

But you don’t have to wait.

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Why Are Lehman Brothers Doing This?

When some investors lose … others will rake in some jaw-dropping returns…

China real estate giant “Evergrande” has lost the confidence of bondholders who don’t believe it can pay its obligations. Worried investors in America are fretting over how this crash looks like the collapse of Lehman Brothers from 2008.

Meanwhile, smart investors are sitting back rubbing their hands together, waiting for their opportunity to scoop up incredible deals.

But you don’t have to wait for these kinds of deals.

For ten years now, I have bought heavily discounted properties (50%-70% cheaper than the real value of the home). And I have done this in every type of economy you can imagine!

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