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Why Real Estate Is Better Than Stocks

Why Real Estate Is Better Than Stocks

Legendary Investor Reveals a Covid Secret About the Stock Market

As the stock market looks to be on the brink, investments like these are more secure than ever before. Legendary investor David Rosenberg is warning that the new Delta variant of covid might tank the stock market very soon. (Although he doesn’t give an exact time frame of course, because that would be too easy)…

Rosenberg, who was Merrill Lynch’s top economist from 2002 to 2009, is warning investors to tread lightly in the current market climate. It’s this kind of dynamic that infuriates me whenever I look into stocks to possibly buy.

The whole market is just too open to external influences. And there is fear and uncertainty around every corner. And that is NOT what you want when trying to build wealth you can grow very quickly. If you are looking at 40+ years, then sure, that might be fine. But I want to enjoy my money now, not when I’m 80 or 90. That’s why buying and profiting from tax lien deals are my #1 strategy for earning income and building wealth long-term.

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A 7% Relief Check For Real Estate Investors

All real estate investors will benefit from this, but only these clever virtual investors will make off with the real winnings.

The construction of new homes in America fell more than expected last month. A stunning 7% decline that is mostly thanks to the sky-rocketing costs to construct a new home.

I like to think of this decline as a 7% bonus for real estate investors.Less homes being built can only mean higher prices. And if you purchased your investment property using tax liens, as I teach in this course, then you already made money when you paid 50% under retail prices.

In other words: Tax lien investors are going to clean up in this market!

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Investors Fear A “Black Monday” Repeat – How To Protect Yourself

Investors are bracing themselves for a major reversal in the markets… but a select few will make money no matter what by doing this.

Investors are making connections between this year’s stock market and what happened in 1987. That was the year that the market had a rally… only to then experience a “Black Monday” crash.

Can you imagine that?

Feeling as though you are doing great, making jaw-dropping ROI. Only then to be forced through the trauma of watching your portfolio shrink to a fraction of what it was.Many analysts and investors are fearing just this scenario right now. And I don’t blame them!

I would feel the same if I weren’t an all-in real estate investor.

Real estate is nowhere near as vulnerable as stocks. And even when it does decline, it is a cake-walk compared to Wall Street “downturns.”

Even better if you buy properties for 50% under retail value by following this guide.

When you do that, you’ve essentially guaranteed you will come out ahead. No matter the market or what other investors are thinking, feeling or doing.

August Market Watch

In case you missed it, here's a recap of our Marketplace Pro Market Watch videos from earlier this month. As you already know, we can find a lot of great deals using our Marketplace Pro technology.

Jay recently looked at a Tax Sale in Dallas County, Texas. Texas is one of those areas that a lot of real estate investors never thought would go online because Texas sales tend to be incredibly profitable. Tax Sales in Texas are usually redeemable tax deeds with a 6-month redemption period (usually) so check out the laws, rules and regulations in each area.

Jay also looked at a Commercial property in Sarasota, Florida with a tax assessed value of $264K but with an opening bid of $17K. Reach out to your coach to be better prepared for this sale!

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