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Profiting During a Real Estate Collapse

Profiting During a Real Estate Collapse

This Will Enrage You: Why Are Homes So Expensive Right Now?

Reports are coming out about a major disruption in the American housing market.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the financial giant Blackstone has recently $6 billion dollars of homes across the nation.

This is bound to keep housing prices high, and is not good for anyone looking to invest in real estate… That is, unless you go around them. In other words, you need to be smart. Competing with Blackstone is crazy.

Instead, you should buy houses that have been seized using tax liens. (Blackstone and other banks don’t like these deals because they are too slow for their fast-moving greed).

Tax liens can give you dependable monthly income in the form of interest payments (16% and up!)

… or you can actually receive complete ownership of a property for up to 50% off the price that Blackstone would have paid.

Think about what that could mean if you snow ball deal after deal!

Want to learn how it’s done?

Use this link and I will walk you through a tax lien deal from start to finish.

How To “Play” Real Estate In 2021

Home prices are not only exploding in America, Canada is also reporting a 16% increase in home prices. The highest yearly gain in their history. At this point, you would have to be nuts to buy a new home. The pricing is simply out of touch with reality.

But if you could find a loop-hole and buy good homes for cheap? That would be a golden strategy that could make you rich. What if you could shave 10% off the price? You would have an edge. What about 20%? You would be raking it up.

And if you could get homes for 50% or higher discounts? Well, I don’t even have to explain how that could change your life.

So, can it be done? Tax liens provide a path for this. You won’t win every property you have a lien on, but for those homes you will get 16% interest guaranteed.

Think of tax liens like a savings account that pays you 16% interest and every so often the bank awards one of their customers with a 50% discount off a good home.

Exciting stuff. Want to learn how to get started?

Let me show you the process I used to get completely financially independent, one deal at a time. Do not buy an overpriced home right now, instead, do this to buy one that is actually UNDER-priced.

Housing Market Rules Change

Real estate listing services have started a new trend that could spell trouble for inexperienced investors.

An MLS service based in Ohio is reporting it will remove the “coming soon” option from real estate listings.

If this goes nationwide, it will give better-connected investors an advantage when it comes to snatching up properties and make it harder to be a profitable real estate investor, unless you follow this blueprint.

Recently, I reported on BlackRock working to buy every property they can get their hands on. This is directly in line with their agenda. How can you compete?

It all comes down to having a system of easily finding properties that have tax liens on them. Doing this will get you a guaranteed 16% ROI on your money… and sometimes you will win the property outright for up to a 50% discount. These types of properties are not lucrative enough for BlackRock to deal with, but just one of these could change your financial future.

Want to learn how to find them? I reveal everything I know about this investment strategy in my comprehensive tax lien course, which you can get right here:

Download my tax lien course now!

Market Watch

Here's a recap of our July Marketplace Pro Market Watch! As you already know, we can find a lot of great deals using our Marketplace Pro technology.

Jay looked at inventory in Colusa, California coming up. California is a tax deed state. Before you go in and start purchasing properties, be sure you team up with a coach to do due diligence.

Jay also looked at a live auction in Duval County, Florida (the Jacksonville, Florida area). He looked at a property assessed for $300 with an opening bid of $911 with a land value of $2,700 and zoned as vacant industrial land.

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Florida Ramps Up Tax Lien Certificate Sales…Arizona Tax Liens Active!

In the last few weeks about 50,000 properties have been added to Marketplace Pro that are going up for lien sales. Florida counties have already released their advertising lists. We added 744 tax deeds this week in Florida. We added 588 foreclosures this week in Florida. Several counties in Florida have changed their bidding rules. Do you know what counties are now considered single bidder? Do you know the registration and deposit deadlines?

Arizona's tax lien sale season is LIVE! Find out which counties changed their auction method. Are your core counties Live or Online auctions this year? Our clients can access full, normalized tax lien certificate data sets on a county-by-county or state-by-state basis. They are available directly with the Marketplace Pro software, which offers advanced filters and fully integrated, multi-platform mapping.

What are you waiting for?

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