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Where is Real Estate Going in 2022?

Where is Real Estate Going in 2022?
2022 Real Estate Predictions

Where is real estate going in 2022?

Yahoo news just published the predictions of many experts about this question.

And I am proud to say that I don’t care whether it goes up or down.

Since most of my properties were bought using tax lien deals like this, I know I will make money no matter what.

Whether that is because of the incredible discounts I get when I buy real estate using tax liens… or from the 16% government-guaranteed interest I make… either way I win.

Want to learn how I do it?

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New Enraging Laws Aimed At Real Estate Investors

New local laws are being passed nationwide to make evictions harder on landlords.

In fact, evictions are only about 60% of their pre-pandemic levels because of various rent control measures.

How can real estate investors deal with this trend?

By ensuring you buy your properties for under-market prices, you can give yourself an advantage over ALL other real estate investors.

It’s even possible to get a 50% discount on a home if you know where to look.

And if you’re really smart, you can earn a guaranteed 16% interest payment while you wait for such a deal!

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