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Is Economic Destruction Inevitable?

Is Economic Destruction Inevitable?
Top Bank Says America Is In A Death-Spiral

Global banking leader gives a scary prediction on America…and it's a worst case scenario. A German mega-bank has issued a terrifying warning. Deutsche Bank says their analysts believe America will soon see the worst inflation in history!

If anyone knows inflation, it’s the Germans. They went through hyperinflation in the 1920s… and it almost destroyed them. Now they’re saying we will have something much worse.

So how should you prepare? The best option is to invest in hard assets that are always in demand. Like housing. By using my special process…

Learn my proven system for buying tax liens online. No matter what happens, this investment will always produce a profitable outcome, because it’s government guaranteed.

…you can protect yourself from inflation better than stock, gold, bond and even bitcoin investors. You might not escape completely unscathed… but you will be doing MUCH better than almost anyone, if you follow these directions.

Yellen Warns of Complete Economic Destruction

Janet Yellen is predicting that “destructive forces” will lead to a scary future for America’s economy. The Treasury Secretary said that long-term structural economic challenges will harm Americans’ ability to earn a “solid wage.”

I’m not sure what she’s smoking, but most Americans haven’t earned a “solid” wage in a long time. It’s so bad that many of them have lost all hope in the American dream. At least, that’s the mindset many of my students are in when I find them.

Then, after they go through my training, they suddenly turn around and see the light. The suddenly KNOW the dream is real.

They know it’s real because I show them the path!

You can escape the rat race just like they did, along with all the dependency and helplessness, and live a lifestyle you have always wanted. All it takes is learning how to find, buy and profit from tax liens using the internet. Do that, and Yellen’s economic monsters won’t scare you a single bit!

Smart investors will tune her announcement out, put their money into something like this… then sit back and profit.

Another Global Shortage Proves Why Billionaires Like Real Estate

Another scary global shortage has been revealed. Europe is experiencing a huge natural gas shortage, leading officials to turn to coal for energy. This comes at a time when other raw material shortages are sending tech companies into a panicked rush to get what they need.

Buying real estate is smart, but buying real estate like this could change your life in three months.

The fact is, resources are limited, and people are being forced to accept this. So, the next question is: How can you profit?

It would be very difficult to load up on natural gas or the raw materials used in computer manufacturing…But it’s easy to own real estate. Millionaires and Billionaires have been doing it forever to get and stay rich. They know there is only so much land to build on, and world population is only increasing. So, the demand is always growing, leading to higher and higher prices.

Now imagine buying real estate for up to 50% cheaper prices.

This is why I’ve been teaching my tax lien buying course for over ten years. Because I know it’s the ultimate way to earn income both in the short term, from guaranteed interest payments, and from the long-term growth in the value of your portfolio.

Get my complete tax lien training course for a very cheap price.

July Market Watch

Here's a recap of our July Marketplace Pro Market Watch! As you already know, we can find a lot of great deals using our Marketplace Pro technology.

Jay looked at inventory in Colusa, California coming up in the next month. California is a tax deed state. Before you go in and start purchasing properties, be sure you team up with a coach to do due diligence.

Jay also looked at a live auction in Duval County, Florida (the Jacksonville, Florida area) on July 14th. He looked at a property assessed for $300 with an opening bid of $911 with a land value of $2,700 and zoned as vacant industrial land.

If you want to learn how to find your own deals join our program by clicking

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In July Florida Ramps Up Tax Lien Certificate Sales…Arizona Tax Liens Active!

In the last few weeks about 50,000 properties have been added to Marketplace Pro that are going up for lien sales. Florida counties have already released their advertising lists. We added 744 tax deeds this week in Florida. We added 588 foreclosures this week in Florida. Several counties in Florida have changed their bidding rules. Do you know what counties are now considered single bidder? Do you know the registration and deposit deadlines?

Arizona's tax lien sale season is LIVE! Find out which counties changed their auction method. Are your core counties Live or Online auctions this year? Our clients can access full, normalized tax lien certificate data sets on a county-by-county or state-by-state basis. They are available directly with the Marketplace Pro software, which offers advanced filters and fully integrated, multi-platform mapping.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to get access to exclusive properties in new counties before they are released to the general public, join our program by clicking ‘Join Now' below.

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