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How To Find a Lawyer for your Tax Lien Team

How To Find a Lawyer for your Tax Lien Team

Tax liens are inherently a complicated subject. Especially when it comes to legal matters. You have to know the law and you also need attorney representation for any dealings with the IRS, which is not always easy to find. We’ve put together this guide on how to find an attorney who will work hard for your business, even when things get tough.

Search Online

Tax liens are a great way for real estate investors to increase their income. The question is: how do you find the attorney that's right for your team? Finding the right attorney for your tax lien team can be an important decision that is not to be taken lightly. A lawyer’s job is to protect their client and ensure that they receive the best outcome possible, even if it means going against what others might want. Finding a lawyer who will listen to you and provide insight on how to handle your situation is crucial when it comes time to hire someone. Searching reviews online for local law offices is generally considered to be the safest best practice in this regard. 

Be Sure to Conduct an Interview 

There are many considerations to make when you need a lawyer, attorney. You have to be sure that they specialize in the matters you need help with and that their personality meshes with yours or it will not work out. Not only do you want an attorney who is up on the latest laws and regulations but also one who is willing-minded enough to work with your team for success. The attorney is a crucial component of any successful real estate investing team. As such, you need to be sure that they are suited for your needs and have the skills necessary to succeed in your situation. 

There are many types of law firms that specialize in different aspects of real estate investment so it's important to take some time and sit down with each attorney before making a decision on who will join your team. Remember, this is not an emergency – there is no rush when it comes to hiring someone for an important role like this one. Make sure you do your research and find the right attorney for you!

Establishing Terms

The fee agreement should clearly outline the exact services you need, and what you will pay for them. You will need someone who is knowledgeable in real estate investing and tax law, so make sure they specialize in this area before hiring them. It is important not to just hire whoever you happen to come across because this can lead to many problems down the line. A good attorney should have experience with these types of cases and know what you need from them. They also must share your values and personality type or else there could be conflict that might interfere with their ability to help you resolve any legal matters that arise.


An attorney's job is not just about finding you money in tax lien sales, but also providing skilled representation when negotiating with the taxing authorities on your behalf.

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