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New Taxes Will Change America’s Economy Forever

New Taxes Will Change America’s Economy Forever

Elon understands that only smart investors will earn enough to offset these taxes.

Washington has made another jaw-dropping move to change America’s economic system forever. Officials said recently they are discussing new taxes on unrealized capital gains.

Let that sink in! Taxes on profits you haven’t even made yet. (This new law will also without a doubt apply to Bitcoin eventually).

People are pissed. Including Elon Musk, who tweeted:

“Eventually, they run out of other people's money and then they come for you.”

So, the question becomes, what can investors do to protect themselves? By doing as many online tax lien deals as possible…

This is how you grow your wealth on your terms! You decide how much you make, and you decide what tax liability is at year’s end. It’s the perfect path to financial freedom because it relies on the government’s greed as a starting point.

Washington Makes A Sneaky Overnight Tax “Adjustment”

No matter what Washington does with taxes, some investments keep getting better…

Washington is gearing up for a major tax move that's causing anger among both parties.

The plan is to eliminate the $10k limit on state RE tax deductions for federal taxes.

This limit was put into place by Trump and many people say it was done to “target wealthy Democrats” since Blue states commonly have high property taxes.

The smart investors respond to this with one simple question: Can you avoid property taxes all together? If you follow this tax lien investing guide, you can.

Earn as much as 16% interest on your money without paying anything in property taxes.

The “Cashback Loophole” To Avoid the Highest Tax Rate Ever

If the public knew about this cashback program, the line would be much longer…

Biden's Build Back Better agenda will increase the average tax rate on personal income to the highest level among developed countries.


What can you do to prepare? Can you prepare?

Of course!

By partnering with the government using this little-known investment strategy, you can earn a guaranteed 16% return on your money.

Think of it like “government cashback” for smart investors.

Learn how it works here.

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